My clients truly become lifelong friends, and are the reason I do what I do.


When I am not photographing weddings, you can find me painting, thrift shopping with my grandma, going out for Mexican food (its my favorite!), I also LOVE to go to the movies, play cards with my little cousins, and to read! 


Gwen and Dennis actually met working at the Pentagon and they have been together for eight and a half years.  When I asked them what their life looks like, they said “We laugh every day. He is retired and takes care of me- keeps me from setting house on fire!” Their perfect date night consists […]



Kelly and Eduardo met here while Kelly was in the United States in an exchange program. For their first date, Eduardo asked Kelly if she wanted to go ice skating since her profile picture was of her iceskating. When they got their Eduardo told Kelly he had actually never been ice skating before, and asked […]

This adorable Rock Creek Park engagement session is one of my favorites to date! Danny and Sarah actually met in the FIRST grade! They have been together for twelve years, and will be getting married at Briar Patch Bed and Breakfast this month!  I love that when I asked them what their PERFECT date night […]



Jon and Brittany met through a mutual friend. They have been together for about 3.5 years, and will be getting married at The Jasmine Plantation in August, 2020. When I asked them what they liked to do for fun, they said “we pick on each other A LOT. But really we enjoy hiking, playing with […]

Alyssa and Brad have one of the most unique love stories I have ever heard! Brad is from South Africa, and they met while Alyssa was in the Peace Corps there. Leading up to their wedding, I got to learn a lot about them. Alyssa told me her favorite thing about Brad is the way […]



While planning a wedding timeline is primarily a wedding coordinator or planners job, I thought it would be great to offer my perspective on the amount of time I need for each part of the day, to get photos that are great, thought out, and not rushed! So, here is the IDEAL amount of time […]

There are a lot of things that you can do to make your wedding photos EVEN BETTER than they already are! And I’m gonna break it down for you here! Detail Photos -Have all your details ready for me in a BOX or BAG when I get there! I usually photograph: your shoes, earrings, rings […]



So, Lets Talk About First Looks:  In case you don’t know what a First Look is, its an alternative way for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time, instead of at your ceremony. It’s usually somewhere secluded, private, and quiet. I HIGHLY encourage all of my couples to do a […]

This Fairmont Hotel wedding is a very special wedding that is near and dear to my heart. Elaine and Jared were referred to me through a mutual friend of hours, and from the moment we began talking, I knew we would be great friends. What I love most about Elaine and Jared is that they […]



Alexander and Katherine had the most beautiful Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards wedding. They got married in a Catholic Church, at The Chapel of Immaculate Conceptionlocated in Leesburg, Virginia. Guests arrived early, came and sat in their seats, and a few prayed while they were waiting. It was a beautiful service, the families prayed and the […]

I photographed my first wedding when I was 15. I went on to go to James Madison University, where I got a Bachelors degree in IT. During my time at college, my business took over more than I had ever imagined or planned for. I was photographing weddings every weekend, getting published in magazines and newspapers, working for our yearbook, and so, much more. As a result, I found myself and my purpose in life. I am blessed to have learned at a young age that documenting people in what I was meant to do. So after I graduated, I made the decision to not pursue the IT field, and I took this business by storm. Wedding photography is my full time career. and so I work every day to make this experience better and better for you. 

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I started out when I was 15. I was very inexperienced and honestly booking clients or messing up terrified me. I mean I was talking about documenting people's WEDDINGS, a ONCE IN A LIFETIME thing. I feared I wasn't enough for the industry. What I've learned though is that being young and new is actually an advantage if you let it be. You can do things your own way, who said you had to do it the way 'she' does? Believe in yourself, you are destined for great things, and I am ready to sit with you and make you a gameplan as to how we are going to get there. 

Investing in your business is an investment in you. 

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