If you have a location in mind for your engagement photos that is important to you, no problem at all! If not, I give you the option of trusting me to take you on an adventure! I am going to get to know you and your love story, and take you to places I think match your personality. We will play games, dance, and have FUN. 

The way I do engagement sessions is a little different. I simply ask you to meet me at a place, and I'll take you on a bit of an adventure. 

our style

bare feet > high heels 

what we believe in 

We believe in documenting you and your love story in its most authentic form. Come dressed as you normally do, OR we can come to you and do engagement photos in your very own home. 

playing > posing

what we believe in 

You are in the right place if you want to completely forget that you are in front of a camera. We will 'prompt' you, and play games with you, and document your interaction. 

We take an extensive amount of time to REALLY get to know you. We want your future family to be able to look back at your wedding photos and FEEL exactly how you felt. 

story telling

what we believe in 

I have read SO MANY books over the years filled with business advice, things we should do/think, how to sell, how to market, how to craft a client experience, etc. but you know what the one thing that you don’t really read too much about is? To be fearless.  If I could only tell you […]



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Engagement sessions are $225
Wedding collections begin at $2550

Our couples are looking to create marriages more beautiful than their weddings. They are less concerned with the 'pretty' details and are most concerned with documenting all the emotions on their day. If this sounds like you, we would LOVE to chat! 

If you're still reading this, you might be our kind of people...

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