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When I first talked to Hannah, she told me her favorite things about Michael: “How accepting he is and his big heart. I can always be myself around him and no one manages to make me feel any more comforted or cheer me up the way he does. He has a big heart even if […]


Mariam and Marwan’s Old Hickory Golf Club Wedding was one of my favorite weddings ever! Mariam’s family first reached out to me about photographing Mariam’s wedding. Her sister lives in Dubai permanently and was planning as much as she could for Mariam while overseas. We had a phone call, and talked about everything that she felt […]


Ashley and Charlie’s Delfosse Vineyards & Winery wedding was one to remember and had the BEST RECEPTION I have ever witnessed. I am so serious when I say that out of all the weddings I have photographed, I have never seen two people more excited to get married than these two. So I thought I […]


Heidi and Micah are one of the sweetest couples I have ever met! I first heard about them at JMU when Micah proposed to Heidi at a annual Relay for Life event. Its easy to see that this couple gives so much to the world and to the people in their lives, and it was […]


Brittany and Rob’s Old Silk Mill Wedding was one of my favorite weddings to date. When I first talked to Brittany on the phone, I asked her to tell me about her and Rob, and she said “We both like to laugh a lot.” She told me how they got engaged, and how Rob hid […]


Alyssa and Chris met in college. Chris saw her sitting in the cafeteria and asked if he could sit with her, and that was the beginning of their love story. They got married at a nearby church, and then celebrated the rest of their 1757 Golf Club wedding in Dulles, Virginia. Both Alyssa and Chris […]


This Alexandria Couple Portrait Session was one of my favorites to date! Danyah first told me about Mohammed when she asked me to photograph her wedding, but at the time I was living in Belgium and so I wasn’t able to. Fast forward a year later, I moved back to Virginia and her and Mohammed […]


Emma and Jon’s Rockledge Mansion summer wedding was probably my favorite wedding to this day. When Emma first contacted me, she told me she swore she would book a photographer that went to JMU for her wedding. We planned a 15 minute phone call, and ended up talking on the phone for about an hour. […]


When Courtney reached out the first thing she said was that she wanted something ‘artsy’. She was looking to develop her personal brand as an aspiring writer, self love advocate, women empowerment advocate, and spirtuality teacher. Courtney said she wanted photos that reflect the avenues of careers and self she is persuing. She is an […]


Capturing the perfect images on your wedding day is important and you want to make sure you have the right person for the job. Here are three important topics to discuss with your wedding photographer. 1. The Logistics Start with the basics. Ask about the contract, when you will receive it and how long you […]


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