To say that my job is to serve my clients leaves out the fact that I am the one who is constantly learning from the people I photograph. For years I thought insecurities were things to be kept private, I thought they were things other people just couldn’t understand. That was until I got to […]

Jimmy and I met while studying abroad in Belgium in the fall, and that was when I first learned of his love for Brittany. Jimmy and Brittany have been together for years, and a lot of their time has been spent a part. While studying abroad, Jimmy was someone that I could relate to and […]

Atika is a friend of mine who also loves photography! When we decided to shoot, I knew she would be open to experiment and take some artsy photos for a mini session! We exchanged a few Pinterest boards of ideas of things we wanted to recreate! Shooting with Atika gave me a space where I […]

I was inspired to start my business when I would create pictures out of nothing, with random objects around my house. I loved pairing random things of different colors together, and also taking pictures of myself just to see how they would turn out.  Starting my business has changed my life, I work with amazing clients, […]

Charisse and Alex met in high school on the track team, and have been together for over 6 years now. Alex is a sheriff, and Charisse is an eCommerce coordinator. Charisse mentioned to me that her favorite thing about Alex was his sense of humor. So when the time came for their engagement photos, I […]

Whether you have been running your business alongside other things for years, or you are considering starting one, I hope these tips are helpful for you! First let me say that yes, running a business is HARD to do alongside school, and especially alongside a demanding major like Computer Information Systems. BUT that doest mean […]

Randa and Jack met when they were only 13, and quickly became best friends. When asked how long they had been together, they said just over a year “but it feels like forever”. For fun, they like to go on drives and explore nature. Randa’s favorite thing about Jack is his laugh, and they both […]

So yesterday I shot a wedding and as I was standing there at the ceremony at the end of the aisle everything got quiet, and in my mind I noted to myself how what I felt in that very moment. I told myself, I was happy, not in a hurry, and there wasn’t anywhere I […]

Kaitlin and Daniel are one of my all time favorite couples. To document their love and celebrate Daniels graduation both on this day was truly an honor.