Brittany and Jon | Shenandoah National Park Engagement Session

Jon and Brittany met through a mutual friend. They have been together for about 3.5 years, and will be getting married at The Jasmine Plantation in August, 2020. When I asked them what they liked to do for fun, they said “we pick on each other A LOT. But really we enjoy hiking, playing with the puppers, kayaking, or anything outdoorsy really.” So for their engagement session we decided to go exploring in Shenandoah National Park. I am by no means a hiker, but I wanted these two to be documented exactly in their element, and was willing to do whatever that meant.

When I asked Jon what his favorite thing about Brittany was, he said “she helps me make the best decisions in my life” and Brittany said “He is incredibly intelligent (but not usually in a know it all sort of way). He keeps me laughing with his lame jokes and shenanigans. He’s also a great puppy dad.” 

Not only are these two planning their perfect wedding, but they are in the middle of CLOSING on their house. I admire Jon and Brittany for their love for each other, and all the hard work they are putting in to build a beautiful life together.

Thank you for hanging out with me and choosing me to document you! I CAN NOT WAIT to see your new house, and to see you get married!

Shenandoah National Park engagement photos by Virginia Wedding Photographer Samia:






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