Wedding Timeline Tips

While planning a wedding timeline is primarily a wedding coordinator or planners job, I thought it would be great to offer my perspective on the amount of time I need for each part of the day, to get photos that are great, thought out, and not rushed!

So, here is the IDEAL amount of time for PHOTOS for each part of your wedding day, meaning, each part can take longer, but this is the amount of time you should allocate for ME to be at each of these places:

Bride Getting Ready(Details, Dress Shot, AND Getting In Dress): Cumulative 2 Hours 

Groom Getting Ready: 25 Minutes 

First Look and B&G Portraits: 1 Hour 

Bridal Party Photos: 30 Minutes

Ceremony: Varies 

Family Photos: 30 Minutes

Cocktail Hour Photos: 30 Minutes 

Reception (Speeches): Varies 

Reception (Dancing): Cumulative 1.5 Hour 

Sunset Photos: 20 Minutes 

Exit (Varies) 


And here is a sample, ideal timeline, for a 9 hour day:

11:30 Arrive and photograph bride’s dress and details (shoes, earrings, perfume, garter, invitation suite, etc.)

12:15 Samia Photographs bride with bridesmaids in robes, drinking mimosas, etc. 

All bridesmaids and moms get completely dressed

12:30 Samia photographs Groom Getting Ready 

1:00 Samia photographs Makeup touch ups, and Bride Getting Into Dress with Bridesmaids and Moms help 

1:30 First Look and Portraits 

2:30 Bridal Party Portraits 

3:00 Break

3:30 Ceremony 

Followed by a few ‘Just Married’ portraits

4:00 Cocktail Hour

5:00 Reception Entrance 

Dinner, speeches, dancing, cake cutting

7:45 Sunset Photos

8:00 More dancing Photos 

8:30 Samia Leaves


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