How to Help Me Make Your Wedding Photos EVEN BETTER

There are a lot of things that you can do to make your wedding photos EVEN BETTER than they already are! And I’m gonna break it down for you here!

Detail Photos

-Have all your details ready for me in a BOX or BAG when I get there! I usually photograph: your shoes, earrings, rings (both his and yours), the invitation suite, anything borrowed and blue, and anything else that is small and important!

-You can also buy things to ADD to your detail photos, such as pieces of lace, or ribbon, here’s an example below! The bride bought antique scissors and ribbon to add to these photos, too!

Bride Getting Ready Photos

-Make sure there is at least ONE window in your getting ready space! The more windows, the better. When you get there, spot out a window and try to keep all of the girl’s stuff away from the window so that the area is clean, and your pictures have clean backgrounds! Even better, if you are getting ready in a big space, and there happens to be an extra room with a window in it, leave that room empty for me to do photos in!

For example, all of these photos below, where the bride is getting into her dress, is NOT the same room that they got their hair and makeup done in! We left these rooms totally empty for photos!


-This isn’t totally necessary, but if you want to have hangers that aren’t plastic for BOTH your dress and your bridesmaids dresses, that will revolutionize your photos of these dresses! Here is what that can do:


-Invest in “Getting Ready” robes or matching outfits for your bridesmaids! It will make your photos together look great!

Groom Getting Ready Photos

-Groom getting ready photos are much easier! The only thing I really need here again is a window, or backdoor, any way for me to get to natural light will be VERY helpful!

Ceremony Photos

-If you have a choice in the exact spot for your ceremony, it will REALLY revolutionize the photos if you can Shade Map to make sure your ceremony is in shade! Shade is not to be confused with how bright/dark your photos will be, that is exposure which can be adjusted later in editing. Shade is IDEAL for photos because it makes your skin tone look EVEN.

-Cant find Shade for your photos and have to shoot in the sun? Thats okay! The next best option is to pick a spot where the sun is BEHIND you, so that if I am facing the alter, I am shooting INTO the sun! This will also keep your skin tone even, and, if your ceremony is around sunset, it will cast a beautiful glow into your ceremony!

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