First Looks: To Have One or Not?

So, Lets Talk About First Looks: 

In case you don’t know what a First Look is, its an alternative way for the bride and groom to see each other for the first time, instead of at your ceremony. It’s usually somewhere secluded, private, and quiet. I HIGHLY encourage all of my couples to do a First Look! And here’s why:

Most of my brides that are hesitant to do a First Look feel this way because they want their groom to CRY and overreact at the ceremony, in front of everyone, the first time he sees you. And I have a couple things to say about that! The first is that, real weddings aren’t exactly like movies, and the pressure of ALL THOSE PEOPLE staring at your groom will likely make him more nervous, a bit more distracted by it all, and actually LESS likely to react to YOU. The second thing is that not every groom is a crier. If he does not cry in every day life, it might be best not to hold the expectation that he will cry on your wedding day. That being said, men that are criers, are criers. EVERY groom I have ever seen CRY at the First Look CRIES AGAIN, sometimes harder, at the ceremony.

You might think it is “not traditional” and therefore “not for you”. It is true that, in the history of weddings, First Looks are NOT the traditional way of doing things. But, that doesn’t mean its “not for you” and that your wedding as a whole can’t be “traditional” if you do a First Look. Something that is very important that my couples do is MAKE YOUR DAY YOUR OWN. Think about looking back on this day in 50 years, and what you want to remember. It may be that you want to remember “doing everything traditionally” and “the way your grandparents did it” and that is 100% OKAY if thats you, or, it may be the case that you want to remember “we made our day ours, and did things our way” and part of that, was having this private moment together.

-I think if more of my couples getting married were to SEE a First Look happen, more of them would have them. You don’t realize how much emotion, excitement, and how beautiful they are until you really witness one first hand. You also don’t realize its one of the FEW moments on your wedding day where the two of you are actually ALONE together.

-Having a First Look means DOUBLE the Bride and Groom photos, AND BETTER PHOTOS. It means you get to have your Bride and Groom portraits right after your hair and makeup is freshly done, and you haven’t cried or swear your makeup off yet at your ceremony. You may not realize that you spend half of the day getting ready, getting your hair perfect, and makeup perfect, only to wait to take pictures with your new husband AFTER the ceremony. This can make you feel like 1. You have to be careful at your ceremony not to mess anything up because you’re about to take pictures (and who wants to think about that?!) or 2. You have to focus on taking as many photos as possible after your ceremony, while your guests you’re anxious to see are already there at cocktail hour waiting, and you’re probably hungry then because that’s the first time you’ve gotten a break ALL day. WHEREAS if you do a First Look, we will do it BEFORE guests are even expecting to see you, somewhere quiet and peaceful, with no interruptions or hurry to be anywhere else! If you do it this way, you can do into your ceremony confident that you already got your portraits done, so you can cry, laugh, move around, and anything we take after your ceremony, is extra!

-Lastly, there is something special about having this moment before your ceremony that I think many people don’t realize. You haven’t seen or talked to each other ALL DAY, and you’re finally together and  alone, and it’s like you are about to go INTO something huge TOGETHER. From what I have seen, the ‘hype’ for the ceremony is even more built up BECAUSE of your First Look. It’s kind of a way to say “Hi, are you ready to do this? Lets do it together!”



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