Establishing a Photography Style

Establishing a consistent photography style is so important for many reasons but one specifically, once you are beginning to monetize a photography business is to gain trust with your clients. If a client knows exactly what they are going to receive and how their photos are going to look consistently, there is a heightened level of trust with your business and your brand.

This task can however be especially difficult for crazy passionate, experimental people like myself since you are always wanting to try out different things and see how they work and constantly learn and grow. It is certainly a blessing and a curse.

Here are three ways you can begin to work towards creating a consistent photography style.


The main component of this is what time of day you are choosing to shoot. The typical, “best times” are sunrise and two hours before sunset, but of course, is a personal opinion. The most important thing is finding what time you like and sticking to that. The next part is how you position your subject in accordance to the sun. There are three ways:

  1. Backlit, subject has sun behind them
  2. With the sun directly on the subject’s face
  3. In open shade, meaning directly above the subject is open, but something nearby is creating the shade the subject is standing in, for example, a tree. For me, this is the best and most consistent way for me to shoot.

2. Camera setting: Aperture

This manual setting controls the depth of field of the photo. If you stick to a number (I stick to 2.8) and adjust the other settings around that, it creates a really consistent look because the background always looks the same in ratio to the subject of the photo.

3. Editing in Lightroom—split toning

This means giving a hue or a little tint of color onto the highlights and shadows. It is percentage based, so typically adjusting 2% of the highlight or shadow to the color of your choosing. It creates an essence of everything flowing together because all of the light has the same feeling. I never go above 15% because the goal is not to change the color entirely. I personally only adjust the highlights with orange to add some depth to all of the whites in the photos.

These are just three of the many ways you can begin to create a unique, consistent style that you and your clients both will enjoy in all of your photos.

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