What is a Samia’s Photography Senior Spokesmodel?

March 15, 2019

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1.What does being a Samia’s Photography Spokesmodel mean?

Earlier this month I launched my Class of 2020 Senior Spokesmodel Team and I have never been more excited for anything! I am overwhelmed with joy by the amount of feedback as and applications I have received! Because this program is new to many, I want to make sure I answer all your questions about being a Spokesmodel!  

The most important information can be found on the application but here are a few of the questions I have been asked over the past week.

2. What will I be doing as a Spokesmodel? 

The year will be filled with fun events and photo opportunities! My main goal is to create events and photoshoots that make you feel empowered and beautiful as you are, as well as have fun!  This means that your responsibility as a spokesmodel is to participate in events, post to social media, and help me design creative photoshoots. 

3. What is included in being a spokesmodel?

Spokesmodels will receive their very own stylized individual senior session with me, this means we will work together to create a photoshoot entirely unique to you and all that is important to you. As a Spokesmodel, will also get to participate in a group styled photoshoot, your very own personalized shoot, and a few ‘mini shoots’ (these will include college t shirt photos as well as cap and gown photos!) Spokesmodels will be my go to girls for projects I am working on that come up throughout the year. You are also the only seniors that can earn cash back for referring your friends to me for their senior photos! There will also be more events and (*hint) maybe a group trip! 😉 

4. How much of a time commitment is this? I have a lot going on!

I know senior year can be very hectic for some and I completely understand that! This program was created to be a fun opportunity, and because I am looking for girls that are outgoing and involved in their communities, I understand that comes with busy schedules! I am going to do my very best to schedule group sessions based on everyones ability. 

5. What is the full cost of the program?

The $300 fee is a one time fee and there will be no additional costs through the year. The fee includes all photos delivered digitally after each of our photoshoots, and comes with a print release so that you can print them and display them in your home! Also as a Spokesmodel, you will be able to earn $50 back for every senior referral you send to me that books their senior photos! 

6. How big will the team be?

This is a great question! I am currently planning on a team of about 10 girls. Unfortunately this means not every application will be accepted. I am keeping the team small because I am looking for the perfect girls to represent me and my business: girls who value self love, creativity, and community. 

67. This all sounds perfect. How do I apply?!

Great question!  You can find the application here: Apply to join the Class of 2020 Samia’s Photography Spokesmodel Team Know a friend who would also be a perfect fit? Send it to her as well!

I am thrilled that you are here and I can not put to words how much it means to me that you are considering me to document this important stage of your life. I look forward to spending time with you, getting to know you, and creating work that will last a lifetime for you. If you have any other questions about what to expect from joining the team, feel free to reach out!

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