My Most Important Piece of Advice to Entrepreneurs

November 13, 2018

I have read SO MANY books over the years filled with business advice, things we should do/think, how to sell, how to market, how to craft a client experience, etc. but you know what the one thing that you don’t really read too much about is?

To be fearless. 

If I could only tell you one thing, if I could only give you one piece of information to help you grow your business, I would tell you: be fearless.

I still have a lot to learn ahead of me, but one pattern I have noticed over the years is that fear is a hindering emotion that serves no one. And I don’t believe it comes entirely from a place of insecurity, I believe it comes from a place of logic when you’re an entrepreneur simply because our dreams sometimes aren’t always the most ‘logical’.

Financial stability is a real stress in today’s world and fearing that you won’t be stable is something that is a logistical fear. However, at the same time, it is the very same thing that will stop you from being successful.

So what do we do in these moments of doubt or worry?

  • Look back on past experiences you have had and how you have overcome them even when you were scaredYou probably have proven your own concept time and time again. But as human beings we tend to neglect that in the face of new challenges.
  • We have to stop comparing ourselves. People say this all the time but I am saying it again because it is too important. Comparison causes our minds to work into a snowball of insecurities, and this fuels our fears. We have to understand that everyone’s journey is different and his/her way to the top is not the only way.
  • Remember your why. I do a lot of things I am scared of, but I believe I am able to do them because I know why I am doing them. It will be the #1 thing that picks you back up every time.

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