Cascades Overlook Wedding in Sterling Virginia | Megan and Clint

October 19, 2018

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When I asked Megan and Clint when they knew they had found the one they were going to marry, Megan said 

“Crazy thing is – it was sooner rather than later. I would say about a month into our relationship, I could tell that he was different than any other guy I had ever met. And gotta love a guy who cooks!”

And Clint said, “I think I was worried my friends and family would think I was crazy, but I would’ve asked Megan to marry after 1 year instead of 3 years.” 

Clint used to wait for Megan to leave her apartment and try to time her so that he could run into her and strike up a conversation, but, Megan was always too unpredictable with her schedule. So they officially met on OkCupid, and this month they will have been together 6 years! 

They got married at Cascades Overlook in Sterling, and we got to take their portraits in downtown Leesburg, a special place to Megan and Clint. 

Their wedding was such a beautiful day and I am so grateful to have had their opportunity to tell your love story, Megan and Clint!




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