Alexandria Couple Portrait Session | Danyah and Mohammed

This Alexandria Couple Portrait Session was one of my favorites to date!

Danyah first told me about Mohammed when she asked me to photograph her wedding, but at the time I was living in Belgium and so I wasn’t able to. Fast forward a year later, I moved back to Virginia and her and Mohammed are married and living together in Saudi. So earlier this summer Danyah contacted me again saying they were coming to visit Virginia and wanted to do photos with me for their new home!

We started planning, and I got to know Danyah and Mohammed, or ‘Hamoodi’. At their session Danyah told me a lot about her new life in Saudi and how the transition was for her. Hamoodi was not only her husband, but her partner in life and was a huge help in her transition. I found it so interesting that this couple’s love is so strong that they could get married young and then leave their home to create a life together in a new country where everything is different. As admirably strong as they are, they are all SO goofy.

When the forecast said it was supposed to rain, Danyah said they didnt mind and that she was confident they would still have fun. This made me SO EXCITED! I knew Danyah and Hamoodi were up for anything, and so I decided an Alexandria couple portrait session would allow us to walk around and stop at places as we saw them. We stopped and played games and by the end of the shoot they were completely soaked!!

Thank you Danyah and Hamoodi for your kindness and for all your genuine advice about marriage, college, and establishing a life in general. I look up to the two of you so much and hope to document your lives again very soon.

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