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June 6, 2018

Did you know that clients unhappy with a service will share about their experience 10x more than happy ones? Your clients need to be happy!! 

For years I always wondered whether or not my clients were happy on the other end. Sometimes I would wonder this before their shoot, I would wonder how they felt about how I was communicating with them. Even after their shoot, I would wonder how they felt about it. Even after receiving their photos, sometimes would get no response and be wondering. 

The truth is IF you are WONDERING, then chances are they are not over joyed with their experience. 

So HOW do we make people happy? (And no, the answer is not just to produce a quality product.)

  1. Set The Expectation by UNDER promising and OVER delivering. 

In todays world in order to please people with an unfamiliar service you have to go above and beyond their expectations. This is especially true for industries in which your clients are not fully experienced with the process of purchasing your product. Buying wedding photography is not like buying eggs from the grocery store, so delivering wedding photography is not going to be like delivering eggs. 

When buying eggs, people have their expectations. They need to be fresh, look normal, normal price, and then you’ll be pleased. This is because you’ve bought eggs before. But with photography, it is likely unfamiliar to them, and so they don’t know what EXACTLY they are getting into because they just don’t do it all the time. So you have to TELL them what they are getting into at each step of the process. You CREATE their expectations, and then you EXCEED what you told them. 

So you do this by lying about everything. Lol, just kidding! In order to exceed expectations, you have to explain what is “normal” at every step, or explain what you “usually do” at every step, and then do more. 


Say that the number of photos you will deliver is X and deliver twice or three times as much. 

Say that it typically takes you twice as long as it actually does to deliver your photos. 

SURPRISE clients with a welcome gift when they book you, they will not be expecting this. 

I do this with EVERYTHING that I do, answering emails, phonecalls, on wedding days, literally everything that this can be applied to, I do. This doesn’t mean you have to edit any faster or deliver any more photos or do more work than you already do. Just set the expectation for lower than what you deliver, and they will be pleasantly surprised. 

  1. Answer questions BEFORE they ask them.

This is something that has taken me a little bit of time to figure out. I correspond with my clients via email before all shoots. I’ve found that most of them have the same questions: 

What will we do if it rains?

Will you be able to pose us? Were awkward. 

What should I wear?

How long will it take to get my photos?

Can I print my photos?

Can I share my photos?

Do you know any videographers / makeup artists / other vendors?

Will the lighting be good at X time?

My uncle Bob is a photographer too and coming to my wedding can he take pictures with you? (Lol this is more common than you think!)

All of these things, and if you are not a photographer I am sure there are common things your clients ask, are normal things to wonder about. The thing is, yes, you could answer very thoroughly and send a response right away and they could say “okay thank you”, BUT, if you INSTEAD present the information to them first, they would likely say to themselves “oh ya i didnt think about that”. 

By doing this you are taking a small experience in which they are slightly fearful/confused, and turning it into one where they are impressed. This shows them you know what you are doing, builds your credibility, and helps them them TRUST you. 

  1. Just ask them!!! 

This is a HUGE thing that I feel like people overcomplicate! I have brides that book me a year in advance, which gives plenty of time for us to communicate back and forth. It may work wonders for your business to send a quick: 

“Hey, is there anything else I could be doing right now that would make your experience better? Here for you!” 

I hope this little blog helped, 

as always if you have any questions I am an open book!



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  1. Victoria

    June 7th, 2018 at 4:57 am

    This was helpful, thanks!

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